RIP WP JR – Montgomery, AL racism in full effect on the WSFA Web Site 12-3-2010

Today, 8:23:32 AM
Dennis Latham
for those who show so much hatred ?
you are only cursing your own self and your own generations. 

If this is the son of Dr. William Paul ?
His son William Jr. was very RESPECTFUL, EDUCATED and full of LIFE AND LOVE for ALL PEOPLE.

Today, 8:11:51 AM
Maybe that s why generations of blacks keep racism going, because it is taught to them. ASU is trying to dig up some overlooked civil rights leaders. WHY? Beacuse ya’ll can’t say anymore about the only 2 you have so dig to keep it going.
Today, 8:19:49 AM
Dennis Latham
maybe that why generations of whites keep racism going – by making it impossible to work at white owned companies
setting traps to try and attempt and catch blacks in the wrong
placing wallets and money in places to try and catch a black on camera
having a black train up a white to take over his own job while demoting him 

affirmative actions was started for a reason – stop trying to make it look like blacks are 100% wrong.
whites have more hate groups than any other race.
Even the terrorists of THE WORLD have less groups.

Today, 9:13:07 AM
Hey Dennis, When I lived up north we had these thugs come and hang out in front of our building leaving beer bottles, used condoms and everything you could imagine. I used to go outside and try cleaning it up and asked them why they weren’t hanging out in front of their houses? I also told them this is the major reason people dont want blacks in their neighborhood (I have mixed kids) and they just ignored me. Its not about hate regarding race! Its a fact that blacks want to keep ignoring and not address!! If you can say this isnt true than your just another one in denial instead of facing the truth! Show me a black neighborhood thats clean where they dont all hangout and Ill back down. Blacks need to hold their own race accountable instead of fighting the facts that are right in your face! Show some responsiblity!
Today, 8:40:47 AM
Dennis Latham
ha ha ha ha – there are plenty of clean black neighborhoods
but the majority of the black neighborhoods in Montgomery are neglected by the whites who are in charge. 

in over 20 years – I was told by a neighbor – a street sweeper had never been down Goode Street in the 3900 block
the trash me leave piles of dirt and leave down on the ground in that neighborhood / while they use a broom and shovel in the white neighborhood to clean up fallen debri.
the grass that the city is responsible for is rarely cut in the blacks neighborhoods – but groomed regularly in the white neighborhoods
Look at the exits in the black neighborhoods – GROWN UP FOR MONTHS, while the white exits are kept clean and cut

Keep it coming … I LOVE EXPOSING evil – and people who attempt to use deception to make one race look bad while making another race look good.


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