YOU’RE OUT – now deal with the police, courts, and prisons.

Between You and Instil O Israel
Instil O Israel November 4 at 11:12am Report
You are not to contact ahch Ahrayah (chris) or ever mention his name and he will do the same about you! Agreed? Let me know

The Home of the truth and Nothing but the truth!

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Dennis C. Latham November 4 at 12:03pm
I have sent you an e-mail of the same thing I sent to chris.

After he apologized because you or someone told him to
and then he took his apology back – like some type of kids game.
I have apologized for what ever – although I was attacked and violated first – I still apologized.

There is nothing you or no one is going to do to make me take back the apology.

as far as mentioning his name ? I won’t agree to that.
I will probably talk about how a lunatic trying to and contacting my daughter for years – and how they tried to contact and contacted other family members and friends from my home town and even here in Alabama.

I will probably talk about for years how someone hated me so bad because I wouldn’t join their religion or nationality or nation and how they posted lies about me on the net and told others lies about me.

how they called me a faggot, said I beat women because I wanted to be one, said I take dicks up my butt all day and night.
How they accused me of being beat up by some white boy in church on a Sunday

I never said anything like this about you, chris or anyone in your organization
I don’t have to make up lies about someone because I don’t hate anyone

There is nothing you or no one can do to make me hate you.

I’m open to reason – I’m open to conversation.
I’M open to working this out.

You asking me or telling me to erase history ?
is like erasing the last 3.5 years of JESUS’ LIFE

It won’t happen – I’m going to talk about what has happened to me.

I’ve done commericals for Farakhan himself
I’ve drove Malik Shabazz from Birmingham to Montgomery.
I’ve meet with 100’s of Muslims and have a lot of Muslim Friends and Brothers – I have met with and rallied with The New Black Panthers.

Never … have I been done like this – but hey.
I’m still open to reason …. and I’m still open to go and sign warrant too

I want this ended … but hey .. wars don’t end over night.
This one WILL though.

I won’t be stalling around either.
So you all have about an hour to contact me back
through here or the phone – doesn’t matter.

Instil O Israel November 5 at 6:44am Report
@ Dennis,
Do you know David White? Did David contact your daugther too? What’s your beef with him? David is all so our brotha like Chris and David said you attack him for no reason. What is going on with you Dennis? We all listen to you on first call, so it seems that you are a little desturb everytime you speak. However Just do us all a favor and do not contact us ever again, and we will not contact you. We do not care who you have work with in the past just leave us out of your business. I personally think that is a good idea. Bro. Chris, Bro. David don’t have time for you, we have bigger fish to fry. Furthermore, what’s the deal with all of these video postings, what are you trying to prove? Who are you trying to warn, who are you trying to help? Our brothas have never lynched, burned alive, or drug anybody behind a truck until there body broke apart so what is your point? Personally you are wasting your time, and stop wasting our. Just go away. And we have our records too You have been warned!
The Institute of Israel – ii144®
The ONLY way to the truth®

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Dennis C. Latham November 5 at 7:03am
someone from your group contacted my Family members.

david white requested my friendship …. on FaceBook
he doesn’t know my pastor or anything about my church
to call me, my pastor and my church names and degrade what he knows nothing about ?

You all have committed crimes against me
Now you want to walk away and give me a warning ?
and no apology ?
GREAT – have it your way.

stay in your need to have to scare, punk and threaten people to be in your religion.

I don’t have to try and control anyone
all of you seem to always talk about butts and asses and things pertaining to that perversion.

I LOVE YOU and there is nothing you can do about that.
I LOVE and Pray for my enemies as THE HOLY BIBLE and THE SON OF GOD COMMANDS me TO DO.
As for me and my house ?
I wil protect


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