nag nag nag – just like a woman

    • Christopher Miles ‎@ Ms. Moore,
      Stay away from Dennis, he’s reprobate and wicked, plus he’s a homosexual!

      2 hours ago
    • Christopher Miles

      ‎@ dumd ass Dennis,
      No one likes you whatsoever! Man you are really crazy! I see that now!!! Where you molested as a child? Why are you so evil and dominic? Ms. Moore, don’t worry about Dennis he’s all talk and that’s all! He let a white bo…y walk into his church whip and STOMP him one SUNday in his church. Ask him about that butt whipping he got from the little white boy!!!!’ go head ask him, and watch Oh Dumb ass spin the wheel on the truth.

      And about the bible….. He only know 2 scriptures John 3:16 and Phil 4:13. He’s a liar he don’t read the Bible. He’s a jackass and a homosexual. If he stalking you, if I was you I would go immediately and sign a warrant on him don’t hesitate do it now! Everywhere Dennis GO he causes problems!!! Dumb ass Dennis what is your problem? People are really sick and tired of you You need some physic help bad. Stop being a faggot, faggot! The next time you post some shit on me, I’m going to pull your daughter into the conversation and beg you to come look for me but that won’t be hard because then and there is when I will give you my home address and wait on you! In other hitch hike over I’ll pay your way back, guaranteed. Ms Moore Go sign a warrant on this reprobate fool DT Marshell and Montgomery country want him very bad! Trust me when I tell you…… They want him bad. Have a great night Ms Moore and I apologize to you for using the bad words, Satan mad me do it!!!!!!

      2 Corin 11:6
      6 But though I be rude in speech, yet not in knowledge; but we have been throughly made manifest among you in all things.




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