Countdown 3


Between Christopher Miles and You
Dennis C. Latham November 4 at 10:11am
Chris .. between you and I.

What can I do to get you to STOP ?

Christopher Miles November 4 at 10:57am Report
@ Dennis,
It has stop! We both need each other! If I have done anything to hurt you in the past I apologize to you! Really and truly!


Sent via Facebook Mobile
Dennis C. Latham November 4 at 11:07am
No scriptures … just you and I
I won’t answer that other e-mail … from israel

Are you serious ?
I DO NOT want to see you in jail or hurt.
I LOVE YOU MAN … I just don’t agree with your ways

but if I can’t be me ? If I can’t believe what I want to believe ?
If my name is going to be dragged in the mud ?
I have to go to the police and defend myself.
I will never ever go back to prisonl – nor nothing.

my ways have worked wonders for me and I don’t want to change that.

an open apology might be asking for too much
but where is my proof that this will stop
what about all the names about me posted over facebook about me?

Dennis C. Latham November 4 at 11:20am
I accept your apologies … but please answer my questions above.

I’m will to start all over from scratch – I will give you time to think or work or what ever. I will be here waiting.

Christopher Miles November 4 at 11:25am Report
@ Dennis,
No I do not apologize to you! For what? Now go fuck yourself! If I knew what I was apologizing for it would be different! You owe me Willie knight, William Boyd and many others an apology. Furthermore, the Lord didn’t tell me to apologize ahch Obadiah ask me, and if he thunk that I’m going to tell you I’m sorry for stoping this truth both of you are insane!


Sent via Facebook Mobile
Christopher Miles November 4 at 11:26am Report
Now go and sign your warrant Dennis! I’m ready to go to jail!
Sent via Facebook Mobile
Christopher Miles November 4 at 11:37am Report
@ Dennis,
No I DO NOT apologize to you! You are sick! What I will do is stop calling you names. How can you ask me not to come with scripture? I thought you were about Jesus and Jesus is all about scripture. Like I said you are evil! Dennis you said some bad shit about Willie Cook you are fuck up dude! A nigga like you need death!


Sent via Facebook Mobile
Dennis C. Latham November 4 at 11:46am
I’m sorry if I hurt you in any way.
I was upset because you requested friendships from many of my FAMILY members here on FaceBook

How I found out was an old school friend asked me who you were.
You kept requesting a friendship from them.

When I looked at your friends list ?
I saw you had over 60+ of my friends on your friends list.
Friends we had in common.

As I looked at each friend ? Too many were from My Home Town Syracuse, NY and friends I went to school with and about 20 of my Family members.

This is when I told you to back off – to get my friends off of your list.
They only accepted your friendship because they saw I was the friend in common and I am very SECURE and PRECISE of the friends I have here on FaceBook.

This is what pissed me off and I told you do not try to contact my Daughter. – but you had already sent her a friend request.

I didn’t find out until AFTER you threatened to have me jailed if I contacted you anymore.

I have the e-mails and the screen shots
again … I don’t like to be cussed at
You have taken back your apology.
I have apologized to you and I won’t be taking it back.
NO ONE but GOD, THE JESUS IN me, and THE HOLY SPIRIT has told me to apologize to you.

I have apologized to William Boyd – Boyd and I are on good terms
I don’t have to explain this to no one.
The only reason Boyd and I split up was because when I tried to expose what you were doing in trying to and contacting my daughter – he kicked me off his friends list.

That is when I posted the information about him online
Because my life line was threatened by you and he was helping by not allowing me to tell others who knew you.

I have never contacted you wife or kids.
NEVER – I have no reason to – yet .. you contacted my family.

With all of this being said ?
I will give you yet another chance
I do not want to sign any warrants against you or The Institute of Israel.

I don’t want any trouble – but if it comes ?
You see already what I have done to d t marshall
I have exposed his crimes against me
I have that right

I will not be punked or forced into a religion, a nation or my rights to life taken away from me without a fight.

I will be sending this same e-mail to the other person
I have done all I can do to resolve this

I was violated first.
and because I choose not to follow you?
You do this ? To me ?
Not in this life time will I allow this to happen without a fight.

If I stood up against The Montgomery Police Department and 3 Chiefs of Polices … what makes you think I won’t stand up to you?

I am Dennis C. Latham
I am a Man
I have a right to life.
If I didn’t ? GOD would have seen to that. NOT YOU.

For my protection ?
This will be going on my blog and to the other person.


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