Michael Briddell – Montgomery AL – mayors office – purposely withheld information to citizens who pays his salary

NOTE: May 31, 2011 – I have a NEW and RESPECTFUL Relationship with Michael Briddell at this time – He acknowledged me on an issue about a talk show that was misleading the listeners in an open forum – and for that ? I thank you Michael Briddell of Montgomery Mayor’s Office.

  1. Michael Briddell Mr. Boyd, the Republicans have told you, your five-thousand FB friends and me, that if they take over Congress, they’ll undo EVERYTHING President Obama has accomplished.

On Tuesday: Vote right, Vote BRIGHT!

    • Dennis C. Latham

      OH MY GOD – coming from a person who willingly held back information that could have and should have put crooked cops and a crooked sheriff in check and probably jail ? and out of work ?
      I bet no cop will EVER take my camera from me again or… make me shut it off ……. until you do right ? Everything you touch is going to turn to feces. – might want to delete this michael briddell.See More
      2 minutes ago ·
    • Dennis C. Latham booby dim (bobby bright) who is the better choice over roby thew racist – booby dim is still unfair – along with his unfair wife the judge.
      I have PROOF – I won’t just GO AWAY michael briddell.
    • Michael Briddell Thanks for exercising your right to vote Mr. Latham!
    • Dennis C. Latham
      you should have HELPED ME with those crooked cops
      you should have HELPED ME with those illegal searches of my car
      you should have HELPED ME when the sheriffs department illegally broke into my home
      An investigation should have been opened up -… YOU DID NOTHING
      you coward. – That’s what I vote on – you being a coward.
      WE PAY YOUR SALARY – yet you work against THE CITIZENS
    • Dennis C. Latham
      Avoiding THE TRUTH – it’s going to catch up with you soon.
      You will not address what I have brought up in this conversation.
      because you have NO POWER against THE TRUTH I HAVE TOLD.
      I don’t want money – I WANT JUSTICE – I will get it.



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  1. You may ignore me all you want
    I have already blogged the whole conversation
    you or boyd might be able to delete my comments
    but not from my blog that was already up

    All you had to do – or do now
    is give me justice against the dirty cops who harassed me
    open up an investigation and I will leave you alone.

    show me you tried …. otherwise ?
    I’m going to just know – you are evil
    and just another black holding other blacks back

    oh .. .I will be posting this on my blog as well.

    Sent to biddell’s e-mail on FaceBook

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