horace mccoy – my ex-landlord of evil.

  • Dennis C. Latham ‎@ horace – always got your hand out – burning a bridge between us to make a threat you would never be able to carry though.
  • Horace Mccoy ‎@ Dennis you need to stay your crazy ass outta 2 brothers business, Crazy dick head that was a in house joke abt the loan. My brother knew what I was saying.. your nosy ass know everythang and always opening your damn mouth when it should be shut. leave me alone I do not play with crazy little boy’s.
  • Dennis C. Latham 

    I admit .. When I paid you $450 a month for a 3 bedroom house on canna drive and ON TIME ?
    I was a crazy little boy to allow you to later come back and take back 1 bedroom for yourself, while you stilled charged me the same $450. a month
    The…n later when you moved a lunatic (kevin laudet) AND his respectful girlfriend in and still charged me the same $450 a month – I’m a MAN now –
    Then I was your crazy little boy because I needed a place.
    Once I paid you All that money to move in.
    I became a MAN thanks to you and keeping your hand out to keep ripping me off. Learn to deal with THE TRUTH I TELL.
    Apologize, admit your wrongs and we can move on – NO MONEY BACK – Just Do The Right Thing
    otherwise ? You are really messing up with calling me all of these names – as you rip off the american people as we pay you for your services of being in the military until you die.
    I still LOVE YOU horace – there is nothing you can do about that.
    but I will continue to always SPEAK THE TRUTH.
    Your threats and name calling just makes me get louder.
  • Dennis C. Latham
    I haven’t even begun to tell how you refused to let me make a living while I was living there. By not allowing me to have an internet connection – When you know I made the bulk of my money from Working with my clients over the internet.
    So you best Do The Right Thing
  • Horace Mccoy
    Dennis..I have tried too over look your remarks and statement toward me and about our rental agreement. If you feel soo badly about it, why in the hell will you want other to know just how crazy you are? do I need to call your mother and as…ked her to tell you too leave me alone? dude I gave you a place to stay when no one in your very own family wanted you near them. I have no regret about what I did. and by the way I am back into my house…would you like to rent a room..Tell the people how nasty and dirty you were when you stayed with me also.I’m bigger then you Dennis and this is my last conversation with you.
  • Dennis C. Latham
    You broke the agreement – TWICE – I still paid $450
    I don’t feel bad about it – I EXPOSE evil
    Which of my 2 Family members here in Montgomery didn’t want me near them ? – You spit lies and run ?
    I’m 46 – Call my Mother – Do like Major Jet o…f the Montgomery police and tell her a lie. WATCH WHAT I DO.
    TELL US ALL how nasty I was !!! TELL IT HERE IN THE OPEN.

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