Proof why Christians should EXPOSE non christians who claim to be Christians

If you are a Christian ? You should be concerned on how others act who claim Christianity.
It is those supposed to be Christians who act like the devil that scare others away from Christianity
Imagine someone who has heard about JESUS and they want to know more ?
Do you think they are going to ask someone who cusses like a sailor or a person who talks and walks like JESUS ? – Below is a conversation from a supposed to be Christian who I have caught in more lies than I can keep up with and now I have caught him in the act of cussing. To be a Christian ? You much act like JESUS.

Bud Epps posted on the wall of Roberta Franklin: Amazing. Uncle Obama said Republicans opposed him at every step. How do you oppose someone that had a filibuster proof majority in the senate and over whelming numbers in the house? Does Obama think his supporters are so stupid as to believe that his own Democratic party broke ranks with his socialist agenda? Republicans on their own could not stop his socialist march!
Obama urges crowd to show him the energy of ’08
President Barack Obama tried to recapture some of the big-stage excitement of his 2008 campaign Sunday, imploring voters not to reward what he called Republican cynicism and incompetence by sitting out the Nov. 2 elections.

Dennis C. Latham
you are one sick individual – do you not have any GOD, JESUS or THE HOLY GHOST in you ? Or do you just insist on making yourself look like a tea drunk lying fool ?
Everyone knows the right said no to over 95% to everything brought to the ta…ble by the left and Obama. You are truly stupid.See More

Bud Epps
Do you not know how to perform simple math computations? The Dems have overwhelming control of both houses of congress. Obama did not NEED any Republicans to vote for his agenda, yet he could not get it passed. Why? Because his own Democratic supporters broke rank and would not support many of his programs. Why? Because many, not all, of the positions he took on legislation was bad positions!

Dennis C. Latham Your Statement is a flat out lie
“”The Dems have overwhelming control of both houses of congress.””
You know nothing about THE TRUTH
you are a true t-bagger and a true right wing lunatic

Bud Epps
ok dumbass, let’s count together. Take off your shoes so you can count to 20. The dems currently have 59 seats in the senate to 41 for the repubs. Is 59 larger than 41? Even if you graduated from Alabama public schools, 59 is larger tha…n 41. The Dems have 255 House seats to 178 Repubs seats. Only 218 seats are needed for a majority? 255 is larger than 178 dumbass! Learn how to count. I know the Dems are trying to rewrite history, but now they are trying to change the mathematical laws of addition and subtraction? Get a life (and a GED obviously)

Dennis C. Latham
The lies is in “”overwhelming”” you lying lunatic
your whole focus is on bashing Obama and those on the left
THE HOLY BIBLE says to LOVE and PRAY for your enemies.
Thanks for the curse words too – just proves my point
It’s people like you claim to be Christian but act like the devil
who runs others away from Christianity – egg in the face again. ha ha
Thanks for PROVING My Point – OH ? Thanks for the material for my blog too.

Dennis C. Latham
‎””59 is larger than 41″” – It’s not “”overwhelming”” non christian
“”255 is larger than 178″” – this would be considered “”overwhelming”” – which makes your statement a lie from the pits of hell.

“”The Dems have overwhelming control of both houses of congress.”” Your statement for you again …. lies lies lies


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