Why blacks are the majority in prison. The Short Version.

Dennis C. Latham

As Obama said. Back in the 60’s when equal rights was being redistributed.

It was only redistributed around the area’s that whites wanted it to be redistributed in. In the streets. In some work places. Not in all work places. Not in the government.

The key to blacks in jail is this:EXAMPLE ONLY!!!

Black man sells a joint.
He get’s 5 years.
While in jail.
He get’s more time. Mainly for fights. Problems with corrupt guards.

White man sells a pound of weed.
He walks free with probation.

Black man kills a black.
He get’s little time.
They let him back out soon hoping he will kill more blacks.

Black man kills a white ?
He get’s 20 to life.
Some times no chance of parol.

White man kills a black ?
He gets very little time.
White man kills a white ?
He walks around free for a while and doesn’t get no where near the time as a black person would.
Look at drew peterson. Look at the anthony mom.

In regular city jails. Most blacks are in jail for small crimes like traffic tickets, fights and small stuff. Nothing serious.
Whites are released on the same charges. In fear of the blacks out number the whites 10 to 1. They don’t mind holding blacks in jail. It’s a part of reality.

I had a known white racist with nazi tatto’s attack me in church.
The police refused to make a report. When I had to do my own investigation ?
I signed a warrant against him. He was never arrested. First ? With his tatoo’s the blacks in jail probably wouldn’t let him leave in good health.

When I went to court. This guy was found guilty. I wasn’t even invited. I had to follow and investigate myself when this guy was to appear in court. With a long arrest record for tons of stuff in city and county. Things like:


Theft of Credit Cards

Theft of checks

Domestic Violence

Pulling a knife on his child’s mother

Walking in the middle of the street crazed on dope

Belligerent with the police

His own father had him arrested

He’s a member of AA

The night he attacked me he was high on something.

After being found guilty. The judge gave him 180 days suspended.
Not 1 day in jail though. Not 1 frick’n day in jail.

Full Story.
Attack By Crack In Church. Now … If it had of been someone black on something like a late paid traffic ticket ? He would have gotten at minimum 10 days in jail. He would have had to do weekends or straight time.

I had to miss my uncles funeral where I was the musician for an unpaid ticket. I was bonded out in time to make it. But it took them over 12 hours to release me after being bonded out for $35.

Also blacks are forced to take guilty pleas in courts these days because of racial profiling
and there is no way to beat a police officer once they have given you a ticket.
If the police officer is found to be wrong ? You have a case to sue. The city is not going to allow
that so your guilty until you take it to supreme court. Even there it is only a chance.

This is first hand information because I lived it. I’m still living it.
Sorry … Short Version of why more blacks are in jail than any other race.


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