Racist Cops – Dirty Cops – Deadly Cops – Cops Soon To Die.

Below is a post I made on IReport. I made this post because the montgomery police department and city officials refused to investigate and show me the out come of any complaints I made to Internal Affairs, ABI, FBI, CIA, DEA, District Attorney, and DOA.
I felt my life was in danger because there was no need for me to be treated like I was treated and harassed for so long and so many times.

From iReport —Posted Friday July 21st 2008

The result of my harsh harassment’s continuing from law enforcement will cause serious retaliation. Please read all that has happened before you judge the truth.

Friday July 18th 2008 – 3 Months 1 Day after my father’s death.

Warrant Lifted – I no longer have to worry about being killed or killing a cop if they try to stop me, delay me, or detain me.

Coming back from choir rehearsal. – Coming down Decatur Street crossing Fairview Ave cops ahead on
motorcycles where they have someone pulled over. I’m second in line for the light. SUV beside me comes flying up on my right … he finally puts his left blinker on to let people know he wants to get over since
the police have a lane blocked ahead at a very busy intersection.

Light turns green. The car ahead is going super slow. Then slows down tremendously to be nosy and see who’s in the car being stopped. The second the car gets over I go on about my business and pass the car. Go up to the speed limit of 35MPH leaving the other car behind.

Cop barrels in behind me and pulls SUPER close to the back of my car at Edgemont and Norman Bridge Road. (Decatur turns into Norman @ The light of Fairview.) I do a right U Turn into the WELL LIT gas station hugging the curb really tight. I put both hands on the steering wheel as I have read when being stopped. Cop comes up with a very demanding voice.

“”License and Registration.”” Why am I being stopped.

He claims – I was following a car too close. That the lady in front of me was trying to get out of my way and because you don’t have a seat belt on. I say to him with a demanding voice holding up my seat belt. I have my seat belt on.

He looks and sees and says …. it’s not over your arm. You know if you take it to court your not going to win. Then he states I wasn’t going to give you a ticket but because of your attitude. Then he takes an old piece of a license I had from years ago. Because I’m not about to allow this crooked cop touch my hard copy.

Another motorcycle comes up and stand behind the car and stands with the officer. They talk for a minute or two. While talking he stares at me through my side view mirror. Our eyes lock and I don’t blink. He just stands there staring at me. For a good 2 minutes. It’s going through my head. This guy has so much hate in him. I’m thinking …. I don’t have the gas to run. These bastards are going to try and do something to me. Then patrol car comes up. I’m thinking of gunning it and running. I have a friend that lives up the street. I can crash, jump out, hop a couple of yards and hide in his back yard under his sun porch. Then … my car runs out of gas. The officers all look at me.

My mother is on the phone. Normally they make me hang my phone up but I had an ear piece. She’s steady crying and telling me don’t say nothing to them. I beg her to stop talking please. I only called you so you can
let someone know if something happens to me or in case I need you to come to where I am.

The officer comes to the car. The other officer comes over to the drivers side. there are two people at the gas station. One guy is getting ready to leave. He hands me his clip board and asks me to sign the ticket. I ask what is this for. He says for not having insurance.

I get the clip board. As I’m signing it he shines the flash light on the paper. The glare is reflecting off my glasses. I tell him I didn’t need the light. I move. I try to move it to another location and he is still shining the light in my face. I look him in the eye. He says. “You know this is for my own protection.” So I hold
the clip board out the window with both hands. He shines the light again. I say to myself what a prick. I sign the ticket after holding the clip board up and away from him still far outside the car and his light follows. I hand it back to him.

He flips it and shows me another ticket. I ask what is this one for. He say for not wearing your seat
belt. I sign the ticket. I ask am I free to go now ? He interrupts me and starts telling me about the court date. When he is finished I asked again am I free to go now ? He says yes with a really nasty tone. I get
out my car, slam my door and walk towards the gas station to pay for gas and to get someone to help me push the car to the pump. The second cop who I have seen many times before says, “Your lights are on.” I
look at him and then I look at his bike and I say, :Your lights are on”. I go on about my business and find a guy to help me push my car.

As they were leaving I shout out …. “You could have helped!” My back is against the wall now. The stop last night to me was nothing but harassment. I see where they are trying to intimidate me. Scare me. I’m
in shock they didn’t search my car. Maybe because I totally cleaned it out in case I do get stopped and they try to plant something I would see it better. I think now is the time for me to start believing in two

Keeping Gas In My Car. – Right To Bare Arms.

Why didn’t he give me a ticket for no registration.
Why didn’t he give me a ticket for following the car too close.

One possible good thing is there are camera’s all over that intersection for red light runners.

Maybe something can come out of this.
I wonder about those guys who have been setup by police.
Those guys who have been killed by police.
You hear in the news all the time blacks getting killed by cops.
How do you prepare your self for this ?
How do you prevent this ?

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